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The goal of Ivy League ELC is to implement best practices in early childhood education. We believe this to mean creating an environment that is nurturing, safe and stimulating, where classroom activities are determined by children’s current abilities and interests.


Ivy League ELC provides a rich learning environment that encourages children’s natural curiosity and supports them to take risks that lead to new skill development and prepares them to be lifelong learners.


Our approach to learning focuses on facilitating student opportunities for hands-on exploration, recognizing that play is the work of children. In addition, our program also provides children with experiences that encourage them to interact with others, solve problems, and work and learn cooperatively.


It is our belief that teachers and families need to work together to make decisions about what is best for the children. To maintain a quality program, an emphasis must be put on communication between teachers and families.


Creative Curriculum

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Kindness Curriculum

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